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South Street Seaport

The weather this past week has been amazing! The sun was blazing and people were generally happy that winter is saying it’s last goodbyes. I met up with a friend for lunch at South Street Seaport. I actually arrived much earlier than our meet up time and so I snapped a few photos while I waited. I was happy the sun was out, but it makes for bleached out photos. Boo. Enjoy the photos!

Downtown Manhattan, where stress is high and money is made!

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New Tripod

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was a tripod. (Thanks Patricia!) All of the photos in this post were taken using a tripod and a wireless remote. I bought a wireless remote from B&H to prevent shutter release vibrations from my heavy ungraceful finger. It’s been great taking photos on demand. Having a tripod is opening up some creative juices and I look forward to using it more in the future. I also like shooting night shots with a low ISO. No graininess. Enjoy the night time, low light goodness!

From the 46th/Bliss Street platform looking westward. On a side note, it was really cold that night! brrr

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