Point and Shoot

photoblog by Jonathan Chan

My Sister’s Wedding

My sister got married last weekend. It was great to celebrate with her, our family, and our new family members. There’s a lot I could share about her including funny and memorable moments and there’s a lot that I can say to. But I won’t =D. I’ll just say that she’s grown into a beautiful woman and I’m proud to be her brother. Enjoy the photos!

My sister and my cousin (moh)

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Christmas 2009

Regina and I spent Christmas at both of our family’s houses, Christmas eve at the Pei’s and Christmas day at the Chan’s. We’re blessed to live within driving distance of both of our parent’s homes. It was good to see family and spend time with everyone. Enjoy the photos!

Snowflakes on my dad's car

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A Little of This and That

It’s been awhile eh? The following is a hodgepodge of photos from the last few weeks. Locations include Princeton Junction NJ, St Mark’s Place, and Sunnyside. It is now late November here in Sunnyside and the temperature hit a nice 60 degrees. Enjoy the photos!

Regina is figuring out a song on piano

Regina is figuring out a song on piano

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Pumpkin Carving

A few of us got together to carve pumpkins. We either looked for free stencils online, used the stencils that came with the pumpkin carving tools, or created our own stencils. There was a lot of fun as well as a lot of pumpkin guts everywhere. Regina and my mom made awesome apple pies to boot. In the lineup: Fung, Nicole, Michael, Jason, Kathryn, and myself. Enjoy the photos!

Pumpkins everywhere

Pumpkins everywhere

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Good Grief

Home Depot had $25 Balsam Fir 6′ trees and so Regina and I purchased our first real tree for Christmas ’08.  We bought it around Thanksgiving and three weeks later our living room still has pine scents.  We didn’t kill it yet.

Pre-decorations                                  Post-decorations


I recently discovered the TV series ‘Arrested Development’ and I quickly moved it into my favorite shows category.  And so in the spirit of Christmas and Charlie Brown, check out this episode called ‘Good Grief’.  (If you are pay attention, you might see a beagle sleeping on top of a doghouse) =D

post thanksgiving

Pei Family Dog

I vote Ernie for president of the US.


Queens Lu’au

It’s been about six months since Regina and I tied the knot.

My family misses Hawai’i very much.  To honor the memories, they threw themselves a Lu’au in my parent’s backyard.

August pictures


“The Loner”
(a view from Larry and Deb’s apt in Queens)

Bump Bump Tatis


Alan and Lobsters

brians way

Regina and I traveled to her parent’s house for an early mother’s day surprise. Crabcakes w/ lemon vinaigrette over baby greens.

Ernie was there too … I must say the Pei Family has one of the cutest dogs on the planet.




Regina, cousin mike, my 93 year old grandma, and the family dog all had birthday’s recently. Today was Regina’s actual birthday. Happy birthday wife! Love you!