11/24 Patriots 34, Broncos 31 OT

Regina and I scored some tickets to Gillette Stadium from a friend of a friend who’s dad is the running back coach for the Patriots. It was a dream of Regina to attend a game of her favorite team and it was great to see her enjoy it. It was pretty cold, 9 degrees with the windchill. The dude sitting in front of us had a beer that froze while he was holding it. I think Manning thought it was cold because he didn’t throw it very much. The Patriots came back to win it in overtime from a 24-0 deficit in OT.  What a game!

Fun note: When the patriots score a touchdown, they play Bon Jovi’s “This is our house” coupled with shots from a line of riflemen.
Highlights from the game – NFL.com

Regina goes to Gillette

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