Halibut Point State Park

Regina and I moved up to the North Shore of Massachusetts temporarily while Regina studies.  It’s a little jarring how quiet the area is and how vocally friendly the people are compared to the city.   We’ve visited a local craft whiskey brewery, saw a horse parade, and experienced the “darkest place on earth” while driving back from Umass Amherst.  I probably shouldn’t have listened to “The Chamber of Secrets” while driving because it didn’t add to the growing levels of fright.  The photos below are from Halibut Point State Park.  Regina, Ernie, and I explored the area and went into town for some lobster rolls.  All in all, it was a great day.  Oddly enough the state park used to be a quarry for granite during it’s hay day.  I wonder why it park’s name did not reflect this.  The point also looks over Folley Cove which we learned at the brewery is where they smuggled in rum and other spirits during the prohibition.  Ernie came too!

Old control tower of a quarry now a visitor’s center for the park
Regina and Ernie! Ernie enjoyed his walk around the park being carried in his pouch.
The North Shore. On a clear day you can see the coast of Maine. We think we saw Maine. We think.
I think we’ll come back when the leaves are changing color. This was an easy walking, picturesque park.

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