Rocky Mountain National Park

A few friends and I hiked to the peak of two mountains (Grays and Torreys) in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Both were my first and second 14’ners.  Even though my lungs have adjusted to the base altitude, I’ve been in Colorado for 5 weeks, the hike was a lot harder than I thought.  Here are the photos!

Top of Grays peak (14270 ft)

The beginning!
Grays and Torreys peak in the distance
Nich admiring the scene
Adam planking on a rock
1 rest stop of many
Victory photo
Though we are smiling, none of us can breathe.
Yet another view
Descending down the saddle ... then hiking to Torreys Peak
Top of Torreys Peak (14,267 ft)
Descent downward. We had a snowball fight as well!
Torreys peak above

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