Mott Haven, Bronx

New York has five boroughs that contain 60 community districts. Within the five boroughs there are hundreds and hundreds of different neighborhoods that each add their contribution to make New York, New York. One of these neighborhoods is Mott Haven in the Bronx. I was born and raised in Queens but never spent much time in the Bronx. For my class project we’ve been hanging out in Mott Haven trying to learn about the community. A lot is going on here in terms of community development and there’s a lot more that is not going on. Here are a few photos from a recent time in Mott Haven. Enjoy the photos and go exploring!

Mott Haven post office building

Brook avenue off of the 6 local train.
St Ann's church. They are doing some great things serving the local needs of education and food supply.
Ethnically diverse, it is home to many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, African Americans, Hondurans just to name a few.
Yard sale of some sort
Interesting mural on Brook Avenue
Mott Haven has a few charter schools
There are many 2 family homes, condos, and project housing in the area.

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