Fishing in Croton Falls, NY

My co-workers and I went on a fishing trip together to Croton Falls, NY.  I grabbed a day license from the state of New York here.  $5 if you are a resident.  The trip was redeeming in a way since the last fishing social 15+ years ago was a bust.  We caught mostly brown and rainbow trout.  Everyone caught at least 4-5 fish.  Some even had their catch over for dinner.  All in all good day.  Thanks to Joe for taking us out and showing us the ropes.  Enjoy the photos!

Fish numero uno. Rainbow trout.

Nature man Hammond
Mei Ling using the worms.
Brandon ::throwing back the fish he caught::
I had to ::throw my fish back as well. Too many you know::
Brandon showing us how it's done.
No better teacher than Joe K.
Sunny was warming up with this fish. The others he caught were much bigger.
Nice day for fishing. 70 degrees and sunny
Fish numero dos.
Sunny later introduced this fish to his frying pan.
Mei Ling fishing from the rocks
Glennis and her trophy.
The fishing crew

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