My fellows program on urban theology and ministry took me to the city of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and also the city of murals. We visited Hunting Park, where the future Esperanza Health Center will be breaking ground. We also checked out downtown Philly, the liberty bell, and even stumbled upon a tea party (the other kind of tea party). There’s so much history in Philadelphia. Enjoy the photos!

Walking around Hunting Park in North Philly.

Some friends getting footage for our final project

Philadelphia has many murals, some run on the side of entire buildings

Flags sporting the roman numeral 2 which signifies America's second revolution.

Onlookers and supporters listen to a US senate candidate's speech
Tea Partiers making their points
Free at last, free at last?
The crack started in the bell's initial testing and was made worse during the repair stage
Liberty bell with Constitutional Hall in the background
The first federal banks were built in Philadelphia
We ended our time hearing about historical Philly on a buggy

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