South Street Seaport

The weather this past week has been amazing! The sun was blazing and people were generally happy that winter is saying it’s last goodbyes. I met up with a friend for lunch at South Street Seaport. I actually arrived much earlier than our meet up time and so I snapped a few photos while I waited. I was happy the sun was out, but it makes for bleached out photos. Boo. Enjoy the photos!

Downtown Manhattan, where stress is high and money is made!

Brooklyn bridge in the front, Manhattan bridge in the back.
People enjoying the sun while looking at the FDR in Brooklyn.

There's a pretty big mall housed inside this building. This is where i first experienced the Sharper Image.

These ships are part of the South Street Museum. In my opinion, not worth the admission =D. Check out the bodies exhibit instead!

Front Street

Not a bad place to eat your lunch.

By closing the apeture, i discovered that you can catch the sun's rays!

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