My Sister's Wedding

My sister got married last weekend. It was great to celebrate with her, our family, and our new family members. There’s a lot I could share about her including funny and memorable moments and there’s a lot that I can say to. But I won’t =D. I’ll just say that she’s grown into a beautiful woman and I’m proud to be her brother. Enjoy the photos!

My sister and my cousin (moh)

Wedding rehearsal in a church on Henry Street. (Side note: I couldn't take pictures during the wedding, thus the rehearsal picture is all I have =D)

800 empty seats

800 full seats of Kathryn and Fung's closest friends. Maybe not closest. Maybe not friends. Some of them were friends.

Bride and groom. Congrats!

Fung and his best crew

I worked so hard on these! Not really ...

Boss lady in a white dress

Mom and Auntie Sabrina

Some of my relatives on my mom's side

First dance ... i forgot the name of the song. It was high energy though.

I vote no fog machines at receptions. Along with that, emcees shouldn't drink energy drinks. They were uh, animate.

My sister popped a large balloon that contained all of these smaller balloons inside. The small balloons either had lottery tickets, cash, or nothing inside.

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