The Gantry

Gantry State Park located in Long Island City sits on the western border of Queens. It has amazing views of the eastern skyline of Manhattan including the UN and the Empire State building as well as the Queensboro bridge. The Gantry, named after the gantry cranes that at one time were used to unload cargo from ships, is a great park to hang out in. Go here for great view of the Macy’s fireworks. Jack and I braved the strong winds and cold weather to bring you these photos. Enjoy!

Classic Pepsi cola sign. Pepsi was bottled here starting in the 1930's.

The gantries were used to hoist cargo from ships. Markers of the history of Long Island City
Gantry State Park is located in Long Island City, Queens, not really Long Island
I wonder what the docks used to look like.
One of the fishing piers along the walking strip.
If the bat signal was real, I think I could see it from here.
Empire state building on the left, the United Nations on the right.
Great chairs for sitting. Just not in tonight's 25 degree weather.
Jack and I were outside too long. We got some hot drinkage and defrosted at 'Communitea' on Vernon Blvd and 47th avenue.

7 thoughts on “The Gantry

  1. nice pictures! i love this place…you should also go in the summertime when the fishermen are out and maybe you’ll see a 3-eyed fish 😛

  2. hey jon,
    stumbled upon your website, i love gantry state park… needless to say i saved one of your pics as my desktop background… man i miss nyc.

    keep up the good work, i can look at nyc photography all day!

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