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Fort Tryon Park

A few friends and I visited some places in NYC that had significant meaning to them.  Our first stop was Fort Tryon Park, located in Washington Heights of Manhattan, war site of the Revolutionary War.  The park had was special to my friend because this is where is made a commitment to serve the needs of the city.  We ended up touring Columbia and Elmhurst as well, but I didn’t take many photos.  The last photo is comprised of a different set of friends who I had the pleasure of eating dinner at Xi’an Famous Foods (I highly recommend the lamb noodles).  Enjoy!

View of the George Washington Bridge from Fort Tryon Park.

Fort Tryon also houses the Cloisters. A former monastery turned museum, it has lots of tapestries and cool art.

First real cold day of the winter. I think it hit the low 30's that day.

A friend with her neighborhood in the background.

Flag pole. Still haven't bothered to figure out what the flag on the left represents.

Columbia University's original name was the Kings College.

My friends look happy because they just ate a great meal.

2 Responses to “Fort Tryon Park”

  1. Hansen says:

    Great photos, Mr. Chan! Once I settle in to my new home, let’s stroll around Fort Tryon Park again.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks! Let’s do it! It’s a really nice park.

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