Lettuce and Spanglish Sandwich

About a month ago, Regina and I saw the movie Spanglish. It’s an atypical yet very entertaining Sandler movie. Anyhow, there is a scene in the movie, right before he and Flor have their big argument, where he makes a sandwich. Reg shouted, “that’s a sandwich by Thomas Keller!” He is the owner/head chef at a few famous restaurants, namely “French Laundry” – 3 Michelin stars. According to food bloggies, the sandwich is arguably the world’s greatest sandwich.

We attempted it for lunch today. We used french bread instead of the country loaf. Also, the egg yolk is supposed to runny, not solid. It’s supposed to make a difference if its runny. Anyway, it’s pretty much a BLT sandwich with a sunnyside egg, but nevertheless, it was pretty tasty. Here’s the recipe. And for you food and winers … recipe.
*edit – we tried it again for dinner. This time, the egg yolk was running all over the sandwich. Yum.
**edit – third times a charm. I think we nailed it!

Talking about lettuce, it reminded me of this SNL short. It always makes me laugh.

4 thoughts on “Lettuce and Spanglish Sandwich

  1. i hate runny eggs! and don’t like eggs in general. does that mean this sandwich will probably be not the best in my opinion? maybe i’ll make it for tae and see how it goes. times like these, i wish i liked eggs. haha.

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